Topic: Connect your on-premises network to the Microsoft global network by using ExpressRoute

Github: https://github.com/rakesh-kadam/100daysofcloud

#Azure #cloudcomputing #networking #expressroute

Starting with #100daysofcloud


Topic: Connect your on-premises network to Azure with VPN Gateway

VPN Gateway in Azure provides secure connectivity between your on-premises networks and clients.

Github: https://github.com/rakesh-kadam/100daysofcloud

#Azure #cloudcomputing #networking

Young folks in India are happy working from their native home & saving cost of rent and getting home food.

This is a fantastic short term benefit but the cost of this is very high.

Learning being around smarter folks & absorption by osmosis and overhearing has reduced to zero.

Wohoo 🎉 @theblockchainsc turns 2 this month 🤩

Just registered for their invite-only course on Polygon + Platform launch 🚀

Come join in: http://theblockchainschool.io/waitlist/TBS-E3C9U

#Road2Polygon #TBSTurns2 ❤️

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